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Extons Pty Ltd added Bulk Transport to their services in December 1995. Our modern plant consists of large capacity single and b/double combination tippers, as well as walking floor trailers.

We are able to cart materials interstate, with charges varying depending on the distance to be travelled etc.

In the area of bulk transport services we can supply the following products:

  • Pine Bark

  • Skid Bark

  • Playgroud Mulch

  • Pine Chip

  • Sawdust

  • Board

Extons Pty Ltd has accredited Mass Management Systems in place, and abides by Fatigue Management Modules.


With a fleet of rigid trucks, semi tippers and truck and dog combinations, Extons Pty Ltd are able to cater for both large and small orders.


Extons Pty Ltd has the equipment and knowledge required for the transport of heavy and oversized loads.

To provide the safe transport of over dimensional loads, Extons keeps a well maintained fleet of trucks and trailers, and ensures that our operators and pilots are both reliable and capable of completing the task given to them.

Our prime movers, towing both quad and tri spread low loaders, have a carrying capacity of up to 70 tonnes.

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