These photos taken from our recent Project for North East Water for the rehabilitation of Storage Lagoons, Road and Pumpwell construction at the Wangaratta Waste Water Treatment Plant.

  • 500 ML Lagoon storage capacity

  • Approximately 1,600,000 M3 material moved

  • 4,400 M Rock Beaching

  • 98,470 M2 of GCL liner

  • 100,000 M2 Clay Liner

  • 6 Lagoons

  • Construction of new 15000m2 Drying Bed,

  • Construction of 1.6km Access Road

Completed in two stages, Extons Pty Ltd completed all aspects of Project Management which included:

- Completion of Desludging of existing 6 lagoons, earthmoving fill preparation for ground GCL and Clay Liner, rock beaching, installation of overflows

- Installation of Pump well with capacity of 100L/ second including cement preparation and pour

- Construction of new 15,000m2 Drying Bed

- Construction of 1.6km Access Road