Contract Works

Extons Pty Ltd is a member of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF). The quality in our workmanship is reinforced by the security of knowing that we use the CCF Integrated Management System, which meets:

- Occupational Health & Safety AS 4810

- Environmental Management ISO 14001

- Quality Management ISO 9001 2000

Previous projects include:

  • 2013-2014 Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Scheme – Contracted to construct and rebuild approximately 70kms of channel. Works involved the removal of wet material and importing of suitable material. Placement, compacting and trimming to tolerances within + or - 20mm. Preparation of rubber liner and the cutting and backfilling of anchor trenches.

  • 2012-2013 Princes Highway Duplication, Geelong – Cartage of 500,000 tonnes of crushed rock for the Princes Highway duplication from Waurn Ponds to Winchelsea. Contract also included the loading, crushing and stockpiling of approximately 50,000 tonnes of road base.

  • 2013 North Wangaratta Reclaimed Water Expansion – Construction of 300ML Storage and Pump Station.

  • 2012 Access Road Reconstruction – Construction of road, drainage and associated works.

  • 2012 Horseshoe Quarry Rock Crushing – Production of approximately 30,000 tonnes of crushed rock using mobile primary and secondary crushing and screening plant.

  • 2012 Channel rehabilitation at Coleambally - Works involved the wet hire of 15 x articulated Dump Trucks, 3 x 40 tonne Excavators, Bulldozer, Compactor, Grader and Scraper for the transportation and placement of clay lining on an irrigation channel in Coleambally, NSW.        

  • 2010-2011 Holland’s Weir Pool Decommissioning and associated Mokoan Inlet Channel Decommissioning – Backfill, compact and regrade 1.5kms of channel, average width 50 metres.

  • 2011 Gravel Road Reinstatement due to flood damage - Re sheeting of road pavements, supply and spreading spot loads where specified, table drain cleaning and reforming including beaching, cross culvert installation or relaying displaced culverts including clearing and miscellaneous works; at Greta, Greta West, Greta South, Hansonville, Edi, Chestnut, Tolmie and Carboor in Victoria.

  • 2011 Bass Highway Duplication Stage 7 - Load and transport 240,000 tonnes of crushed rock, spread and compact as instructed.

  • 2011 Winton Wetlands - Formation of approximately 17.7kms of Class 5C minor public road resheeting and 11.5kms of Class 5D public access roads.

  • 2008-2011 Mulwala Redevelopment Project - Placement of approximately 1,500 metres of stormwater and sub soil drainage, as well as the construction of approximately 80 building benches. Cart and place 180,000 cubic metres.

  • 2008-2009 Landfill Construction and Rehabilitation Works – Excavate for new landfill cell, construct clay liner and GCL liner.

  • 2006-2007 Goulburn Valley Highway Relocation Works - Load, cart and place approximately 550,000 tonnes of clay on the 10kms of highway. Doze, load and crush approximately 160,000 tonnes of sedimentary gravel for freeway capping layer.

  • 2006 Mt Hotham Waste Water Reuse Project - Blasting, crushing and placement of 60,000 tonnes of crushed rock to construct a reuse dam at Mt Hotham.

  • 2006 Cobram Bridge and Road Works - Hourly rate works to include placement of clay, roadworks, rock beaching and catchment ponds.


Plant Hire

Extons Pty Ltd has an extensive range of plant and equipment available for wet hire on contracts and major construction work.

140M Grader

Plant available for hire:

  Water Trucks  12,500-14,000L   10 available      
  Articulated Water Trucks  27,000-32,000L  2 available
  Loaders  966K, 972K 4.5-5m3 bucket capacity            5 available
   950 3.5m3 bucket capacity  1 available
   IT38H 3m3 bucket capacity  1 available
  Scrapers  623G  1 available
  Graders  16M  1 available
   160M  1 available
   150 AWD  1 available
   140M   3 available
   140M AWD   2 available
   12M  2 available
  Articulated Dump Trucks  30T (CAT 730C2)  11 available
   40T (CAT 740B)  7 available
  Backhoes  432  2 available
  Multi Terrain / Skid Steers         259  2 available
  Compactors  815F II  2 available
   825  1 available
  Excavators  75T  1 available
   45-55T  4 available
   30-40T  2 available
   20-25T  7 available
   13T  1 available
  Vibrating Rollers  Padfoot 12-14T  4 available
   Smooth Drum 12-14T  5 available
  Bulldozers  D9T  1 available
   D8T  1 available
   D6T XL  3 available


Note: All machines are subject to availability. Plant list is current as of May 2020.

Civil Earthworks

Extons Pty Ltd always strives to provide their services at the highest possible standard, be it for contractual or hourly hire work, regardless of the size of the works.

We specialise in:FRH_Cobram

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Building pads
  • Carparks
  • Roadworks
  • Excavations
  • Rubbish/soil removal and cartage
  • Dam construction
  • Trenching and pipe laying
  • Rehabilitation works
  • Land clearing
  • Levees
  • Retaining walls
  • Storage lagoons
  • Winter storage facilities
  • Embankments

Taking full advantage of the skills and experience of both management and staff, in combination with the extensive range of earthmoving plant and equipment we have available, Extons Pty Ltd can ensure that we not only satisfy client requirements by always conducting ourselves in a professional manner and ensuring that all Safety, Quality and Environmental issues are managed, but also achieve a high standard of work.


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Extons Mokoan Quarries

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